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Get To The Truth In Your Paternity Action

Last updated on December 10, 2020

Child custody and child support matters can become very complicated if there is uncertainty about who the child’s father is. If you are a man questioning who the child’s biological father is, or if you are a mother and are not sure of your baby’s father’s identity, a paternity test may be necessary. Your rights as a parent and the child’s ability to collect child support could be at stake.

To properly handle your paternity action, you need guidance from an experienced family law attorney. Attorney Lawrence Tickle (or “Tickle,” as his clients like to call him) will make sure the proceedings are accurate and fair. At the Tickle Law Office, we help mothers and fathers find out the truth. We serve clients in and around Franklin County, North Carolina.

Paternity Actions In North Carolina

Paternity disputes often begin after the mother gives birth and the man she claims is the father denies it. This generally only applies to unmarried women; North Carolina law presumes that the husband of a married mother is the child’s father.

Once the alleged father denies paternity, the mother may choose to file a paternity suit. At that point, either the mother or the alleged father has the right to ask the family court judge to order genetic testing. The judge can compel an alleged father to submit to the test even if he objects. Modern paternity testing is highly accurate and will determine whether the man involved in the case is the child’s biological father.

If he is, he could be held responsible for helping pay the child’s expenses through child support. He could also choose to pursue his parental rights through shared child custody or visitation rights.

Whether you are a mother looking to have your child’s father take responsibility, or you are a man who has been falsely charged with being an infant’s father, we will make sure your rights are protected and the truth is revealed.

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