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Know Your Rights Regarding Child Support

Establishing and modifying child support is a complex process that requires seasoned legal representation. Attorney Lawrence Tickle (or “Tickle” as his clients know him) is a family law attorney who possesses hands-on experience negotiating child support agreements combined with comprehensive knowledge of North Carolina child support laws.

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Child support obligations must follow the state’s Child Support Guidelines. The calculator takes into account data on the following:

Deviations are possible if both parents agree to them and if the court deems them to be in the best interests of the children, or the amount shown on the worksheet is insufficient to meet the reasonable needs of the children. You may also qualify for extraordinary expenses which many parents overlook.

Combining Our Experience With Insight

Challenges arise if one parent is hiding his/her income. Being a business owner or self-employed entrepreneur does not allow someone to under-report their income or use business revenue for personal expenses. In complicated child support cases that come to Tickle Law Office, we can retain forensic accountants and other financial experts. These professionals help to identify the correct income that determines support amounts.

As with any aspect of a divorce, you and your spouse reaching a middle ground is in the best interests of your children. It also sets a more cooperative tone as you move forward.

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