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Handling All Aspects Of Domestic Violence Law

An accusation of domestic violence is serious because it can have both immediate and long-term consequences for the people involved. Besides potential criminal charges, the alleged abuser could be evicted from their home without notice and be ordered not to contact their spouse, romantic partner or children anymore due to a protection or restraining order.

Skilled In Family And Criminal Law

At Tickle Law Office, in Louisburg, North Carolina, our attorneys handle both criminal defense and family law. This gives our law firm the unique ability to help you deal with both the criminal and civil issues involved in a domestic abuse case. We can help you whether you were the victim of abuse or were accused of committing violence against a loved one.

The Civil Law Side Of A Domestic Assault Claim

In North Carolina, people can obtain a temporary protection order (also known as a restraining order) based solely on their claim of being attacked or threatened by someone they have a personal relationship with. The court will then schedule a hearing to determine if the order should be made permanent. At this hearing, both parties have the chance to give their side of the story. When you retain us, one of our lawyers will represent you at this hearing and against any criminal charges you face.

The Consequences Of A Criminal Conviction

There is also the criminal side. A misdemeanor conviction for domestic assault can mean up to 150 days in jail, fines, community service and being required to take an anger management course. You will be barred from possessing firearms or ammunition. A felony conviction is even more serious, with prison time a real possibility. 

Don’t Try To Work Things Out On Your Own – Call Us

We strongly recommend that people accused of domestic assault contact us instead of trying to work it out on their own. Violating a protection order could end in jail time. Instead, we will work to keep you out of jail and from having a domestic violence crime on your record, which can strip you of your right to possess firearms and damage your career.

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