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Should you litigate or negotiate in divorce proceedings?

Every divorcing couple is different. Some couples amicably divorce, create parenting plans and share custody of their children. Perhaps they can even agree on which spouse will receive the family home and which will receive the family pet. Yet some couples cannot agree on any aspect of their divorce. Some court battles have parents fighting over custodial rights, arguing about small assets or disagreeing about child support payments.

Deciding which route to take – litigate in a courtroom or negotiate through mediation – is important when determining how you and your spouse will continue your life as a separated couple. Benefits exist for mediation, but North Carolina court recognizes that collaboration and cooperation is not necessarily present in all divorce proceedings. Divorce can prove to be an emotional process, and you want to ensure you choose a route appropriate for your current relationship as a couple.

First-time DWI offenders could face severe penalties

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or substances is extremely dangerous to both the driver and the public’s safety. To prevent this danger, North Carolina has imposed some of the toughest Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) penalties in the country. First time offenders may face both criminal and administrative penalties that could even result in jail time and license suspension.

Who gets the family dog after divorce?

Pet custody cases have becoming increasingly important among divorcing spouses in recent years. Over the past five years, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers have reported a dramatic rise in pet custody cases.

The trend of pet custody battles is unlikely to halt in the coming years. This creates an important question for pet owners who are contemplating divorce: Will I be able to keep my pets?

Negotiating a custody schedule that works for both sides

Throughout history, warring factions have come together searching for a more peaceful resolution to their disparate needs. They have often turned to negotiation, which at its finest, is a mix of diplomacy, dialogue and recognition. It isn’t about getting what you want or simply giving in to their needs. Negotiation is essentially having both sides walk away satisfied.

As you go through the process of divorce, there will be many issues that arise, but probably none more emotional than those involving your children. Research has shown that high levels of conflict—both during and after the divorce—between parents contribute to poorer adjustment in children. Putting aside any personal animosity and focusing on what’s best for your children will go a long way in creating a custody schedule that works for everyone.

Dividing unusual assets in divorce

Marital assets comprise of those assets acquired during the course of the marriage, except for inheritances and certain gifts. During the divorce process, marital assets must be identified, valued, and divided in a fair manner. When it comes to financial assets such as bank and investment accounts, this task is fairly straightforward. But there are some types of assets that can present special challenges.

For example, how do you value one-of-a-kind items? What if a particular type of item is sparsely traded of the market is temporarily illiquid? What about intangible items such as digital assets? In this blog post we will discuss the division of unusual assets in divorce.

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