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A Powerful Legal Response To Sex Charges

A charge for a sex crime can dramatically impact your life. Almost as important as the possibility of prison time, there is the embarrassment of being accused of such a heinous act, the damage to your reputation and the prospect of being labeled a sex offender for the rest of your life. At Tickle Law Office, we take sex offense charges seriously because we know what a conviction can mean for our client.

Lawrence Tickle, our attorney, has defended clients in North Carolina courtrooms against sex offenders for nearly a decade. He will work tirelessly for you, starting from the moment you contact us and continuing until your case is resolved. We will use all our resources and skill to keep you out of prison if at all possible.

Take Action Now If Sex Charges Are A Reality

Contact our Louisburg office right away if you have been arrested, charged, or put under investigation for any sex crime, including:

  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Statutory rape of a minor under age 16
  • Indecent exposure
  • Prostitution and solicitation
  • Sexual abuse of a child

Sex crimes are unique in that, in addition to incarceration and other punishments, a conviction generally means being forced to sign onto the North Carolina sex offender registry. Being on the registry can severely restrict where you can live, what you can do for a living and your ability to spend time with your children. In many cases, the offender is required to stay on the registry for life.

Prompt Defense Against Criminal Charges

With so much of your future at stake, we will get to work immediately building your defense. We will give you the chance to tell us what happened from your perspective. Often, matters of consent and other factors can be in dispute. Throughout the process, we will help you resist attempts by police and prosecutors to violate your rights or charge you for something you did not do.

Don’t Hesitate. Don’t Lose Hope. Call Tickle Law Office Today.

We strongly recommend calling us at 919-729-5002 immediately if you or a loved one has been arrested on sex crime charges. Or you can contact us online. We offer free initial consultations with our defense attorney.