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Why You Need To Keep Your Record As Clear As Possible

Sometimes people find themselves in trouble with the law. The police arrest them and haul them to jail. After spending time behind bars and being threatened with more, it may be tempting to plead guilty to the charges just to make them “go away.”

But a guilty plea rarely makes the consequences of criminal charges disappear. The more arrests, charges and convictions you have on your criminal record, the more limitations you will face in your life. At Tickle Law Office, our job is to help you keep your record as clean as possible. Here is why that is so important.

Your Criminal Record Can Affect Your Ability To:

  • Get a job
  • Get accepted into college or graduate school
  • Be approved for a mortgage or business loan
  • Find an apartment or another rental place to live
  • Keep custody rights of your children

Because the consequences of a criminal record can be so profound, you need advice from an experienced North Carolina defense attorney before you agree to a plea bargain. Lawrence Tickle, known to his clients as “Tickle,” will tell what you need to know about your case. If there are questions about the evidence or if police violated your rights at any point, he will fight the charges to get them reduced or dismissed. He will work to keep your record as clean as he can.

Do not panic after you are arrested or charged with a crime. We will help you consider your options and the possible long-term consequences of each choice. Most of all, we will serve your best interests no matter what happens.

Before pleading guilty, contact Tickle Law Office for a free legal consultation. Call 919-729-5002 or email us to make an appointment. Our office is in Louisberg, North Carolina. We serve clients in Franklin County and throughout the region.