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Protecting Your Gun Rights

Our firm’s attorney, Lawrence Tickle, founder of the Tickle Law Office, represents North Carolina residents facing criminal charges and post-conviction issues, specifically gun-related penalties for hunters and firearm collectors.

Fighting For Your Second Amendment Rights

Attorney Tickle (or simply “Tickle” as his clients like to call him) can help restore what has been taken away from you after you have completed your sentence for nonviolent crimes and remained free of other convictions. Felonies have dire consequences beyond a lengthy stay in prison. For firearm enthusiasts, a felony conviction puts a black mark on their record, taking away their constitutional rights to own a gun.

For those who do not have a criminal record, a clerical error or identity theft could result in the unconstitutional loss of their gun rights. On behalf of our clients wrongfully denied a gun permit, we file a petition with the court to review all evidence and documents that show an error or crime has been committed and my client is ready to resume responsibility for carrying a firearm.

We can also protect your rights in a wide variety of other gun-related legal matters, including:

  • Mental health bars: Past involuntary commitments or past organic brain conditions reported to NICS can prevent you from owning firearms. I can file petition to have those bars removed.
  • We’ll work with you to get firearms and ammo back after a DVPO has expired.
  • Certain misdemeanors such as an assault on a female, a violation of DVPO and other assaults. Those charges can keep you from getting your concealed weapon permit or even from owning a firearm at all.

Restore Your Gun Privileges. Contact A Louisburg Attorney At Tickle Law Office.

The stakes are far too high when it comes to your constitutional rights. Stand up for your rights if you are under investigation or charged with a felony crime. Call us at 919-729-5002 or fill out our online intake form to schedule a consultation.