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When You Want To Clear Your Record

A criminal record impacts all aspects of your life, whether you are in prison or recently released from incarceration. A dream job is not possible if a background check reveals a criminal past. A conveniently located apartment or rental home is not an option when the property owner discovers your felony crimes on your record.

Expunging Your Criminal Record

Attorney Lawrence Tickle (or “Tickle” as his clients like to call him) is an experienced criminal defense lawyer based in North Carolina. He will educate you on your options to secure a fresh start, free of the obstacles that come with a criminal record.

The process for expunging your criminal record is complicated and challenging. However, the result of a successful expungement means that you do not have to admit to a criminal record or being charged or arrested for a crime.

Certificates Of Relief/ Motions For Appropriate Relief

Many clients come to our law office to explore the option of a certificate of relief with the goal of restarting their lives. Strict requirements exist and include the following:

  • Seeking lawful work 12 months following the completion of a sentence
  • Complying with all requirements of the original sentence
  • Having no charges pending against them
  • Remaining out of legal trouble over the past year
  • Not posing a risk to public safety or welfare

Other attorneys seek our guidance on expungements due to our experience and skilled knowledge of the expunction laws, as well as our efforts to remain updated with each change in this law. Many people do not know if they qualify for an expunction, do not understand the legal requirements or even where to begin with the process.

We simplify this process by conducting an evaluation for $150. Our evaluation consists of us sitting down and discussing your past, the legal requirements and the consult fee for obtaining your criminal record in order to determine your eligibility. If you qualify, we apply that fee to the legal cost.

If you do not qualify, you are not out of a significant amount of money only to find out in court you are not eligible. Further, if you do not qualify for an expunction, you may qualify for other post-conviction relief such as a Certificate of Relief or pardon from the governor’s office, and we can advise you of all the avenues available to try to relieve some of the effects of your past and bad decisions you made when you were younger.

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