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Protecting Your Child Custody Rights

Attorney Lawrence Tickle (or “Tickle” as his clients call him) established Tickle Law Office, to help residents of Franklin County and surrounding counties enduring life-changing times. With unwavering dedication, we remain at the side of our clients going through the personal and legal complexities that come with divorce. Our focus is on easing the transition for not just you, but also for your children.

Putting The Best Interests Of Your Children First

Issues involving children of divorce mandate that an emphasis be placed on their best interests. People’s lives are upended as one household becomes two. Child custody and visitation involve some of the most significant changes and can become highly contentious aspects of marital dissolution.

Negotiating a custody schedule is in the best interests of everyone affected by the divorce. It puts parents in control of the schedules instead of placing the decision in the hands of a judge. It shields children from their parents’ disagreements and can set a tone of cooperation after the divorce is finalized.

As an experienced North Carolina divorce lawyer, Tickle knows that decision-making is impaired during emotionally difficult times. Putting the children first helps to steer you in a direction where their best interests come first while keeping heated disputes to a minimum.

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