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The success of a divorce is measured not just by the legal proceedings themselves, but by how well those proceedings position you and your family for the future. With Tickle Law Office, our experienced founding lawyer knows how to provide you with the guidance and planning for divorce you need not just today, but for the future as well.

Our firm provides you with the experience and knowledge of divorce attorney Lawrence Tickle (or “Tickle” as his clients call him). Tickle has represented the divorce planning needs of clients who might file for divorce throughout Louisburg and its surrounding communities in North Carolina for years. As a result, he understands how the divorce system works and how to make it work for you and your family.

Getting You The Actionable Information You Need To Succeed

Friends and families are often well-meaning but misinformed or just flat-out wrong when it comes to divorce planning. Instead of trying to determine on your own the best way to handle your divorce, you can rely on us to deliver the seasoned judgment you seek.

We make it our job to work with you on the front end of your divorce. Our firm’s proactive approach to divorce saves you money in the long run, providing you with efficient solutions and time savings whenever possible.

Our divorce planning services are not simply designed to push you through the system. In fact, for some clients, effective divorce planning has resulted in reconciliation whenever possible.

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