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We Understand Your Rights In Traffic Matters

Responding to a traffic violation by paying the fine may seem like the best option toward resolving a legal problem. However, multiple citations for speeding and other offenses can often result in major consequences for so-called minor crimes. Points are added to your driver’s license. Suddenly, you are at risk of losing your driver’s license and paying significant amounts of money in car insurance premiums.

I am attorney Lawrence Tickle. At my firm, the Tickle Law Office, I believe even if it is your first traffic ticket, I can make a significant difference.

“Minor” Traffic Crimes Can Have Major Consequences

At your initial consultation, I will not sugarcoat any aspect of your criminal case. I am honest and upfront about your options. Whether you have been charged with a moving violation or are facing serious drunk driving charges, your driver’s license may be taken away.

Any criminal charge carries some form of penalty. A conviction could damage your educational or employment prospects. Even just paying a speeding ticket could cause your insurance to increase significantly each month.

Despite what may be at stake, this is not a time to panic. Hiring a skilled, aggressive criminal defense lawyer can mean the difference between losing your job and maintaining steady employment.

I already know how the criminal defense system works. Rather than attempting to teach yourself the law (and get it right) on your first try, you can instead depend on me.

I have been down these roads before and can provide you with the benefits of that experience, particularly when it comes to preventing a license suspension, the loss of your CDL or other unforeseen consequences.

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