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When Property Is At Stake, Call Us.

When you are dealing with a divorce that involves high-value assets, you need to turn to a firm that will work with you on a personalized basis. Instead of fighting through layers of bureaucracy to talk to your lawyer, you want a law firm that emphasizes accessibility.

At Tickle Law Office, in Louisburg, North Carolina, we pride ourselves on how our high-asset divorce attorney, Lawrence Tickle, has spent years building relationships with clients throughout the area who want a traditional attorney-client relationship. You can count on us to commit ourselves to providing you with the individualized legal guidance you need.

We’re Here For You

Attorney Tickle (or “Tickle” as his clients call him) has spent years building our firm by committing to the delivery of one-on-one legal attention. By working with you directly, Tickle can help you understand your rights during divorce with respect to a wide variety of high-value asset-division issues. These complex property division cases can involve, among many other assets:

  • Retirement accounts
  • Pensions
  • Hidden assets
  • Luxury items
  • Vacation properties
  • Investments
  • Business ownership interests

Years of experience in these matters provide Tickle with the seasoned legal judgment you need to navigate these difficult waters best. Drawing on his knowledge enables us to help you move forward even when the asset portfolio at issues involves gray areas of the law or unsettled legal principles.

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