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How to behave if charged with auto theft in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2022 | Theft crimes |

If you stand charged with auto theft, you may feel hopeless and afraid of serving time behind bars. Even in instances of misunderstandings or family spats, you could face serious consequences if found guilty of stealing a vehicle.

Here is a guide on how to behave in the event that you find yourself accused of auto theft.

1. Pullover for law enforcement

When driving a vehicle, whether it belongs to you or not, you must pull over if law enforcement flashes its lights or sirens indicating that you should halt at the side of the road. Failing to stop the car could open you up to additional charges.

2. Comply with the officer’s commands

Once you have stopped and moved to a safe area, do not resist the officer who approaches. Cooperate with the requests made by law enforcement. Supply your identification and any other documentation demanded. If the authorities ask you to step outside of the vehicle, do so in a non-threatening manner.

3. Appear in court

If you are not held in custody until your trial, ensure that you appear in court. It is important to arrive on time (a little early is even better) and dressed appropriately. Listen to the judge when he or she speaks and only speak when asked to. Keep quiet when it is someone else’s time to address the court.

Auto theft charges are serious and require your attention and cooperation. Try to minimize the repercussions you could face by complying with the requests of law enforcement and the court.