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Keep your record clean with the right defensive techniques 

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You have done your best to stay out of trouble, but people make mistakes. Just the same, it’s a shock to find yourself facing criminal charges. You’re naturally scared and confused. Should you just take a plea? Should you confess?

No. It is important to defend yourself when you are accused of a crime, no matter what it is. A good defense may help you avoid a conviction, which is beneficial in many ways. With a cleaner background, you’ll find that it is easier to:

    • Get accepted into a graduate school or college
    • Get an approval for a business loan or mortgage
    • Keep custody of your children
    • Find a place to live, such as an apartment or rental
    • Find work and get work-related licensing

If you’re accused of a crime, what can you do to defend yourself?

The first thing to remember is not to talk to the police during or after your arrest other than to give your basic identifying information. You don’t want to say or do anything that could result in a conviction.

It’s better for you to stay silent and to ask for your attorney if you’re arrested. Then, your attorney will look into the basis for the arrest, the evidence against you and the strength of the state’s case and charges — which can help find areas where there may be the potential for negotiation. Your attorney can also review how you were treated by the police to determine if there was anything illegal in the process used against you. 

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