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Dating while separated: A dicey proposition

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2023 | Family Law |

The decision to divorce is a devasting milestone that creates hardships for loved ones, particularly spouses and children who feel blindsided by the news. Uncertainty sets in as to what the future will hold. Ultimately, everyone impacted by the marital dissolution will want to get on with their lives, which is, at best, easier said than done.

Life is on hold between the announcement and the finalization of the divorce. For many soon-to-be ex-spouses, dating becomes an option while still technically married. Loneliness is often the culprit in new pursuits. However, should that be a reason to move forward with someone else?

Unnecessary complications?

Before embarking on a quest for a new relationship, understand that complications will come with the addition of a new partner. When it comes to the divorce process, you are still legally wed to your spouse. Starting up with another partner could result in complications, specifically accusations of adultery. Even if your soon-to-be ex-spouse approves or undergoing the same romantic pursuits, treading carefully in the dating world is advised.

Should the relationship last a significant amount of time before your divorce, the chance of the new “partner” getting attached or falling in love with you is a real possibility. Whether through a possible reconciliation with the first spouse or regret coming from starting the relationship in the first place, feelings get hurt with reactions ranging from disappointment to anger.

With longer-lasting relationships comes a higher likelihood of intimacy. That step alone can also complicate matters, particularly regarding the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases. An even more life-changing event could involve the conception of a child with a new partner.

Simply put, being separated does not equate to breaking up. The decision to divorce may span a significant amount of time before moving out. However, pursuing another partner brings countless and mostly unnecessary complications impacting everyone impacted by the split.