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Do traffic tickets fall off your record?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2022 | Firm News |

Traffic tickets are usually minor infractions. Some of them may come off of your record after a certain period of time. Do note, however, that this does not apply to every type of traffic ticket. For example, tickets for DUI are also criminal, so they will go on your criminal record, as well. These charges do not just go away.

I Drive Safely explains when speaking of a traffic ticket coming off your record, what it really means is the points you earn from the infraction come off your driving record.

General time limit

In most cases, the points will leave your driving record three years after you get them. What this means is that you can avoid the penalties that come along with points on your record, such as higher insurance premiums and the possibility of losing your license. It allows you to eventually clear your record if you can remain ticket-free for a period.

Other options

If you begin accruing too many points, you may not want to wait three years for them to come off your record. In this situation, the state does offer the option of going to a driving school. Completing a driving program can allow you to remove some points from your record. This may not be an option for all infractions, so you should ask about it when settling your ticket or at the licensing department.

When you receive most traffic tickets, they will put points on your driving record. If you do nothing, they eventually come off, but getting too many points could result in negative consequences, including a possible driving suspension, so it is helpful to keep track of your points.