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Leaving the court in charge of custody may not be in your child’s best interest

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2022 | Family Law |

After a divorce, the deciding factors for child custody can become complex. Sometimes, two adults do not agree on what they consider the best interests of their children. When parents cannot come to a decision, the court steps in and a judge may decide for you.

The court does not know your children how you do. Likewise, being unable to work out a custody schedule may show your children you cannot work together with your ex-spouse.

What is your child’s best interest?

While you may know what you believe your child’s best interests are, you have to think about it like you are the judge. The court defines a child’s best interests as orders that serve your child and will reinforce that you meet all of his or her needs. Divorce does not have to equal an unstable environment for children. Children can live happy, healthy lives in two separate households. How you and your spouse cooperate can make or break a child custody plan.

What do judges consider when determining the best interests of your child?

The courts do not want to remove children from their homes. They prefer to keep family integrity intact. Courts prefer children maintain a close, healthy relationship with both parents as much as possible. Likewise, they look at both parents’ abilities to keep the child safe. You both must have the ability to provide food, clothing, medical care and safety to your children.

When two parents make child custody decisions together, they are less likely to fight or argue about said determinations at a later date.