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The start of a new year is peak season to file for divorce

by | Jan 31, 2019 | Firm News |

The new year has begun, you have made your resolutions and you are planning your next year. You may be like many people and have decided this is the year you decide to divorce.

If you have been contemplating divorce lately, it is not unusual. The first quarter of the year, the months of January, February and March is the busiest time of the year to file for divorce.

Why is the start of a new year the time people decide to divorce?

A new beginning, a new you – Flipping the calendar over to a new year makes people take stock of their life and what is in store for them the next 12 months. If the previous year was a struggle, they will naturally want to make changes. Maybe the previous year was the year to see if the marriage could be fixed. By January and February, it can become clear it is not a fixable situation.

The timing is right – The end of the year always seems to be busy. It can actually start when the kids go back to school in the early fall. Since that is a hectic time and you do not want to disrupt their schedule, you wait. But then as the holidays approach, you do not want to attend family get-togethers or work holiday parties having just filed for divorce. You may also feel this could be the last time the kids can enjoy the whole family together in one place, so you let that play out. However, once January arrives, you know you can begin the divorce without any foreseeable conflicts and hope to have it complete by the summer school vacation.

The financial time is right – Did you get a nice holiday bonus check from work? Are you expecting a big tax return? Did you take it easy on the checkbook during the holiday season? Even if your financial means are not in the best shape, there may be enough financial security for you to plan your life after divorce. Filing for divorce early in the year also means you have closed out the previous year and you can plan your new tax year as you go through your divorce.

If the thought of divorce has been on your mind a lot more lately, it may because you are naturally feeling that the timing is right. This can be a good time to speak with a family law attorney who can openly address your situation. Deciding to divorce is not an easy choice to make and there never seems to be a right time but starting a new year may just be the new beginning you need to get started.