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Birdnesting can benefit your children after divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2023 | Family Law |

Naturally, divorce puts a lot of stress on the family, especially if you have children. Amongst all the decisions you must make during a divorce, one of the most critical decisions includes where your children will live. Nowadays, birdnesting has become a popular option for some parents.

Birdnesting involves keeping the family home and renting a second home or apartment. You and your former spouse trade places in the family home when you have custody of the children and vice versa.

Minimizing the impact of change

Divorce gives children a lot to adapt to. With the family’s dynamic changing, you do not want to increase the stress you place on your children. When kids stay in the family home, they can keep their routine, remain in the same school and continue a close relationship with other friends and family. You can use this time as a transitional period.

Teaching children the value of working together

Following a divorce, children need an excellent example to look up to. While working with your spouse when you divorce can be challenging, you may want to put your feelings aside for your children’s best interests. Children tend to adjust better when their parents have an amicable relationship and are willing to put their issues aside to show they can get along. Kids learn that sometimes it is more important to work with someone, regardless of conflict.

While birdnesting can help, you do not want to continue too long. When you nest for over six months, kids may begin to think that you and your spouse plan to get back together.