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Who should you not talk to about a traffic case?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Uncategorized |

It is natural to feel scared after a police officer writes you a ticket during a traffic stop. Dealing with the law could be a new experience for you, so you want to get your case over with as soon as possible. However, trying to talk to court officials about your case before a trial could be a mistake.

The North Carolina Judicial Branch website explains that discussing your case with certain parties may be futile or even endanger your defense if you choose to fight your traffic infraction or other charges in court.

Talking with the judge

You might wonder if speaking to the judge will shed some light on your case. However, you cannot expect to discuss your case with the judge by yourself. In fact, a judge cannot talk to you, your legal counsel or the prosecutor about your case. All parties involved would have to be present before the judge for a discussion to commence.

Talking with the prosecutor

It is possible to speak with the prosecutor if you do not have an attorney. However, this could work to your detriment. Remember that the prosecutor represents the side opposing you. Not only is the prosecutor unable to advise you, but you might say something that the prosecutor will use against you in court.

Fortunately, you may have an attorney speak to the prosecutor for you. However, the prosecutor can no longer discuss the case with you if your legal counsel is not present.

Different legal options may assist you

The North Carolina traffic court system has various ways to pay off a traffic ticket or request a reduction or dismissal. It is also possible to have an attorney fight traffic charges in court on your behalf. You may even appeal a conviction. Do not panic if a date in traffic court looms. You could have avenues to fight your ticket without damaging your defense.