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Should you opt for shared custody?

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2022 | Family Law |

As parents of divorce, it is important to put time and thought into deciding how to work a custody situation. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks.

However, shared custody tends to have a higher amount of benefits compared to drawbacks. So is this the option you should go with?

Why do children act out?

Psychology Today discusses the benefits associated with shared custody. Studies show that children of shared custody reap numerous benefits, including healthier coping mechanisms and lower rates of mental health illnesses and disorders in the aftermath of the divorce.

These studies often speculate on the reason behind these benefits. Many agree that it has to do with the preservation of the structure of a child’s life, providing stability and a sense of security and comfort.

Children often act out when frightened or uncomfortable, and that is what many children do after or during a divorce. They do not know how to handle the possibility of their lives changing completely, so they start to misbehave, lashing out at peers and authority figures alike.

A sense of stability

If they feel like they still have some stability, on the other hand, they can usually begin to develop healthier coping from a young age. Children of joint custody are also less likely to have relationship problems in later life, especially with romantic relationships.

Shared custody does not typically work if one parent does not wish to maintain involvement. It also does not work if one parent faces accusations of abuse or neglect, or if they are currently incarcerated. Barring these situations, however, parents should consider seriously if it might work for them.