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Ways to keep a calm mindset during divorce talks

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | blog, Family Law |

No one should blame you for feeling agitated or anxious in the opening stages of your divorce. Still, you should not let your emotions get the better of you. Your goal should be to navigate your divorce in a way that leaves you with the best possible outcome. Keeping yourself as calm as possible during otherwise tense moments in your divorce may help accomplish this.

Before you begin negotiations to finalize your divorce, consider preparing yourself to handle things while minimizing anger or frustration. Psychology Today describes some actions that might help you in this regard.

Ready yourself to make compromises

It is natural to want to keep as many assets from your marriage as possible, but there will almost certainly be some give and take as you try to work out solutions with your spouse. Instead of going for everything you can get, think about your priorities and what you are willing to give up to attain your primary goals.

Another way to help your mindset is to resolve your divorce through mediation. This method of divorce is not for all couples, but getting your divorce out of the courtroom may lower the emotional temperature and help foster amicable discussions with your spouse.

Consider what is acceptable to you

There will probably be times when your spouse offers you something that you do not consider to be fair. However, the idea of what is fair differs from person to person. It may not be that your spouse wants to unjustly deprive you of assets or property. You might instead think about whether an offer is acceptable to you as opposed to meeting an ideal expectation. This might make the offer more attractive to you and make your spouse more willing to accept compromise.

Take breaks during tense times

In the event the negotiations with your spouse rile up your emotions, it is probably the right time to take a break. Otherwise, the session could break down into heated arguments that go nowhere. Stopping the talks can allow you to clear your mind and calm your emotions. It may be worth it if it speeds the divorce to a conclusion.

Divorces vary across couples, so you must consider the specific factors that could calm or agitate your situation. Even so, general planning for a calm negotiation with your spouse might prove effective.