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Getting caught with pills may end with jail time

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2022 | Drug crimes |

Drug charges may stem from a variety of scenarios. The circumstances and the type of drug often set the stage for how you find yourself charged.

While you may believe only street drugs end with jail, think again. Prescription medication may also find you facing a similar fate. Discover what is behind the type of charge and penalty you may face when caught with drugs.

What were you doing?

A factor in determining the possible charge you receive is what you were doing when the police discovered the drugs. Driving with prescription pills in your vehicle may yield a driving under the influence charge if police suspect you have used them. They may conduct a roadside sobriety test or ask you to give a blood sample.

What kind of drugs did you have?

The type of drug you have in your possession is critical to the charge and ramifications. The DEA created a chart/schedule of drugs that arranges the substances by the abuse rate and tendency for addiction. A prescription has a medicinal use, so it may not fall as high on the chart as a street drug such as heroin. However, since some prescription medications may prove dangerously addictive (like opioids), the pills may be a higher schedule. The more illicit and addictive the drug, the more severe the punishment should you be convicted.

It’s important to remember that being charged with any crime is not an automatic conviction. When deciding how to defend yourself, it is a good idea to gather all information in order to make a more informed choice for proceeding.