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What should you do when you receive a traffic ticket?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2021 | blog |

While getting a traffic ticket in North Carolina may not be the most convenient thing, ignoring it can put you in trouble with the law. Accumulating too many traffic tickets on your record could jeopardize your driving privileges.

Staying vigilant and maintaining responsible driving habits can prevent the disappointment of a license suspension. Knowing how to respond after you have received a ticket can help you address the situation civilly and effectively.

Be responsive

Procrastinating the process of satisfying your traffic ticket consequences can only make matters worse. According to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, you can learn more about your next steps when you contact the District Attorney in the county where you received a traffic ticket. Depending on your situation, one of several things could happen:

  • Lack of evidence results in a waived ticket
  • You receive a summons to traffic court
  • You receive a requirement to pay a legal fine
  • You participate in driving school to reduce or revise pending charges

With so many possibilities, you may feel more comfortable working with a legal professional. This way, you can receive insight into how to handle your situation without incriminating yourself unnecessarily or missing steps along the way.

Recommit yourself

The best way to avoid traffic tickets is to choose to drive responsibly all of the time. Recommit to safe driving practices including driving the speed limit, avoiding distractions and following traffic laws.

You can use your ticket as an opportunity to refresh yourself on the basics of safe driving. If you do take your case to traffic court, your demeanor can say a lot about your honesty which may help you create a good first impression.