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Do you know these tips for making joint child custody work?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2020 | Family Law |

After your divorce, you and your spouse had to decide how to raise your shared child together in North Carolina. You have a rough draft of a parenting plan, but does it cover all the bases?

Parents.com offers tips for making joint custody work. Educate yourself on how to keep the peace with your ex and enjoy your time with your child.

Keep the focus on your child

No matter how you may feel about the divorce or your former spouse, you must prioritize your child in your custody plans and conversations. Focusing on your child helps you make the right sacrifices for the right reasons, allowing you to act according to your child’s most favorable interests rather than according to your ego.

Keep negative opinions about your ex to yourself

Your former spouse may upset you intentionally or unintentionally. No matter the source of the aggravation, do not badmouth your ex in front of your child. You do not want your daughter or son to feel that you think the same about him or her as you do your ex.

Be realistic

When discussing when you can pick up, drop off and spend time with your child, be realistic regarding your work schedule and other commitments. You do not want to disappoint your child by being late for pickups, and you want to have the energy to enjoy your time together.

Maintain the lines of communication

If you and your former spouse are not on good terms, you may not communicate with each other much. An essential cornerstone of healthy joint custody is healthy communication. Technology makes it easy for the two of you to keep in touch without meeting face-to-face or exchanging verbal words. Use email, text messages, expense logs and shared calendars.