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Understand the ins and outs of a plea deal

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2020 | Uncategorized |

People who are facing criminal charges have a few options regarding the resolution of their case. Understanding how each one of these can impact them might be beneficial. One of the most important things that defendants can do is speak to their attorney about what might possible. 

Early on in the case, you’re going to be asked how you plead to the charges. Typically, attorneys will tell their clients to plead not guilty since this opens up other options, such as plea deals and alternative programs. You should discuss these with your attorney.

Plea deals are the method used to resolve the vast majority of criminal cases. These occur when the prosecution and the defense negotiate a mutually agreeable resolution to the case. This can involve several points, including the charge to which the defendant will plead guilty to and the sentence they’ll receive. 

One point that people sometimes miss about a plea deal is that they have to give up their right to appeal. This is written into the deal and means that you will have to serve whatever sentence the court hands down. 

While many plea deals are approved as-is by the court, you must remember that the deal is a suggestion to the court. It is possible that the judge might decide that it isn’t suitable for the case and alter the terms. Your attorney can help you to find out what this might entail before you make your mind up about the plea deal. Be sure to consider the long-term impact on your life as you go through the defense strategy options that you have.