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4 back-to-school tips for coparents

If you have young children and are recently separated or divorced, you may be nervous about how things will go when your children go back to school. Although you and your spouse may not see eye to eye on everything, your primary goal is to encourage your children to be the best version of themselves.

With back-to-school time on the horizon, working together as coparents is more important than ever. Here are a few back to school tips for parents like you who are working on coparenting.

Keeping a schedule

Creating a shared Google calendar can make scheduling efficient and accessible. Here you can list your children’s school-related events and activities. This transparency can also facilitate more honest coparenting. By making this calendar you’re not hiding your children’s activities from the other spouse.

Appearing united for your children

If your child knows you and your spouse are arguing, it is difficult for them. Deciding that you and your spouse will be civil in the presence of your children will save them from the stress of seeing their parents not getting along.

Getting a coparent consultant

Maybe you and your spouse tried working through issues, but things just aren’t getting better. Hiring a coparent consultant can help to mend you and your spouse’s relationship. This way you can be at your best for your children. The consultant provides a neutral party for the spouses to talk to. They want to see the best possible outcome for your children.

Informing your kid’s teachers about your family

After your divorce, your family could be more complex than before. You or your spouse may have remarried and it’s possible now a new group of kids is included in your extended family. As you get ready for your kid to go back to school, it could be a good idea to think about what you’ll say to your children’s teachers.

Two things you could mention to your kid’s teachers include:

  • Informing them about who the possible adults would be that would pick up your children from school
  • If you tell the teachers your kids have two homes, they could provide another set of text books to make the daily load in your kid’s backpacks a little lighter

Successful coparenting happens when parents can put their differences aside to help their children have a positive school experience. By staying organized, being respectful to each other, and working with your kid’s teachers, you can set your child up for success at school.

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